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A spectacular addition to greatly increase your defensive line and your feeling of safety while performing aerosol generating procedures.
The D.A.S.H. beats dental side unit high speed suctions by light years. The ability to surround the patient with the D.A.S.H. hood, blows the elephant like units out of the water as well. As a vacuum source, I use a real, and relatively inexpensive ($350) powerful external suction unit that is EPA and HEPA certified and certified to have no blow around of the filter. With regards to our procedures, patients do not remove their masks until they are under the hood and they place them back before the hood is removed. Suction is on only during aerosol producing procedures. Adult patients actually report that they like the vacuum sound. We forget how much patients hate the sound of the “drill”. The D.A.S.H. still acts as a splatter barrier when the suction is not on.
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Dental Aerosol Safety Hood Patent Pending
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